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Reunion Dinner Booth

Join us for Reunion Dinner 2011!
Our booth begins tomorrow at Primers Room. Take note of the timings.

Cost: $10

17 January (Monday) 3pm – 5:30pm @ Primers Room
18 January (Tuesday) 4pm – 5:30pm @ Primers Room
19 January (Wednesday) 3pm – 4:30pm @ Primers Room


IPOD 2011

One more day to IPOD 2011 and everyone is excited about it.

The meeting place for all the players and supporters is at Amphitheatre@Moberly and time is 9am.

For those of you who does not know where is Amphitheatre@Moberly, please refer to this map.

Best of luck to all the teams from the different companies playing various sports event.


Reunion Dinner 2011

Date: 25 Jan 2011, Tuesday
Time: 6.00pm - 9.30pm
Venue: Touch Centre, 3 Marine Parade Central, Level 4

Attire: encouraged to wear red or orange top
Do bring along 2 mandarin oranges for exchange.
Cost: $10

Collection of Money
15 January (IPOD) 12pm - 1.30pm in front of stadium
17 January (Monday) 3pm – 5:30pm @ Primers Room
18 January (Tuesday) 4pm – 5:30pm @ Primers Room
19 January (Wednesday) 3pm – 4:30pm @ Primers Room


Gather Together this Lunar New Year

Chinese New Year is approaching. Many shops along the streets are turning red as they started selling Chinese New Year decorations. With the Year of Tiger coming to an end, the Year of Rabbit would soon spring in.

For Chinese New Year, I love reunion dinner the most. Reunion Dinner which happens on New Year's Eve of Chinese New Year, is perhaps the only time of the year when my whole family would get together to celebrate. Not only do I get to interact with my cousins whom I don't meet often, I also get to eat sumptuous food. Not forgetting the angpows I would receive from my Uncles and Aunties.

Primers, being a family, we also do get together to celebrate this occasion. We would like to take this opportunity to gather everyone together for Reunion Dinner too. This year's Reunion Dinner will be happening on the 25 January (Tuesday) at around 6pm after school and working hours. Be sure to get the best food, fabulous activities and a unique experience of Reunion Dinner! All are welcome.

More details will be released soon.